خزانة الغسيل الالكترونية مع شماعات ومنصة عن بعد للمكان العام الداخلي

المعلومات الأساسية
مكان المنشأ: الصين
اسم العلامة التجارية: Winnsen
إصدار الشهادات: CE, FCC
رقم الموديل: EL201B-18
الحد الأدنى لكمية: 1 قطعة
الأسعار: Varies based on different options
تفاصيل التغليف: المعيار تصدير حزمة
وقت التسليم: اعتمادا على مدى توافر المخزون
شروط الدفع: T/T, L/C, ويسترن يونيون
القدرة على العرض: 3000 قطعة في الشهر
معلومات تفصيلية
اسم المنتج: الغسيل الإلكتروني الخزانة مكان مناسب: المطار ، محطة القطار ، مركز التسوق
اللون: أبيض شهادة: CE ، FCC
شاشة: 15 بوصة touch screen الجهد االكهربى: دعم 100-240 فولت

منتوج وصف

Still finding good quality laundry locker?

Here we recommend Winnsen ntelligent Digital Laundry Locker, which allows customers drop off dirty clothes and pick up clean clothes 24 hours at their leisure. Customers drops clothers at the lockers, a SMS message will be sent to the customer cell phone once clean clothes are ready for pick up, customer could go to the lockers to pick up at any time they want. So easy! Winnsen electronic lockers and consoles integrated with Winnsen's software provide a complete solution for laundry.


Console Locker

Industrial PC, reliable performance

15" touch screen

RFID card reader

Barcode scanner

Locker Module

Rugged metal cabinet

Both standard and customized door size available

Different door quantities available

Color customization available

Hardware Option

Coin acceptor

Bill acceptor

Credit card reader

19" Digital signage for advertising

CCTV web camera

Working Voltage

100-240V, 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 50 ℃




Advantages of Safe electronic locks smart software control rental locker for water park/station/airport public place

• Secured electronic locker system
• 24/7 accessible
• Takes only seconds for both dropdown and pickup
• In house production line offers you competitive price, huge cost savings
• Provide complete hard and software solutions
• Fully customized and automated
• Totally automated to keep track of every pound of laundry and dry cleaning

Standard Extension Locker Options

Extension Locker Option

Door Qty

Overall Dimension

Each Compartment Size


4 doors

H1917 x W1000 x D485 mm

XXXL: H907 x W432 x D485 mm


6 doors

H1917 x W1000 x D485 mm

XL: H602 x W432 x D485 mm


8 doors

H1917 x W1000 x D485 mm

L: H450 x W432 x D485 mm


12 doors

H1917 x W1000 x D485 mm

M: H297 x W432 x D485 mm

OEM orders acceptable.

Workshop Shots:

Full services are offered according to your concept – design, sampling, mass production, shipment, and after sale service.

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